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Table 2 Extract of facilitators within the parental coding tree

From: “We’re in good hands there.” - Acceptance, barriers and facilitators of a primary care-based health coaching programme for children and adolescents with mental health problems: a qualitative study (PrimA-QuO)

Extract of facilitators Subcodes Category Classic example
  Doctor takes time extensive consultation "That's really one of the points why we've never changed. She really takes a lot of time for us." (P11)
doctor is there (in hard times) "He said, 'Please come immediately' and he did not react the day after tomorrow or on Monday. " (P15)
uncertain cases are clarified in depth "...they are thinking about it and are catching up with the opinion of the colleague, that has often been the case" (P19)
Good relationship with the doctor doctor is person of trust "I really trust her and her opinion." (P11)
knowledge of the family background "In such a situation it helps enormously that the doctor also knows about the situation of the child" (P1)
in good hands "I just feel comfortable with her. She already has helped me a lot in certain respects." (P16).
empathy "When it got emotional, she called for a helper to occupy him (her son) so that we could continue talking privately" (P20)
likeable person "Then I came to the doctor that was even more cordial." (P20)
get along well with children/ability of treating children well "The children also like to go there" (P15)