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We are welcoming submissions to our new sections

We are delighted to announce that BMC Family Practice is now welcoming submissions to its new sections:

  • Continuing professional education and development

  • eHealth, mHealth and informatics

  • Health services research in primary care

  • Primary care clinical practice and interventions

  • Screening, prevention and health promotion

BMC Family Practice is recruiting new Editorial Board Members. More information here

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Editor's Picks

Evidence for deprescription in primary care through an umbrella review

Through an umbrella review, the majority of deprescription interventions in primary care have been found to be effective. 

Safety, efficiency and health-related quality of telephone triage in out-of-hours primary care

Nurses using computerized decision support systems performed better than GPs when telephone triaging patients. 

Latest Blog

Will we have enough GPs in the future?

The role of General Practitioner is a less popular choice of medical specialization throughout Europe. In a study recently published in BMC Family Practice, researchers explore and highlight the positive factors that support the satisfaction of active General Practitioners.

To learn more about this study, please read the blog written by the authors. 


  1. Authors: Letícia Martins Lousada, Francisco Clécio da Silva Dutra, Beatriz Viana da Silva, Natália Lúcia Lima de Oliveira, Ismael Brioso Bastos, Patrícia Freire de Vasconcelos and Rhanna Emanuela Fontenele Lima de Carvalho

    Content type: Research article

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BMC Family Practice is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of primary health care research. The journal has a special focus on clinical decision making and management, continuing professional education, service utilization, needs and demand, and the organization and delivery of primary care and care in the community.

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