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Table 2 Demographic information and reasons for CT referral for all lumbar CTs by GPs for patients (over 18 years) with LBP in 2016 in Eastern Health Regional Health Authority, NL, Canada

From: Are general practitioners referring patients with low back pain for CTs appropriately according to the guidelines: a retrospective review of 3609 medical records in Newfoundland using routinely collected data

Total number of CTs eligible for analysis N = 3609  
Demographic variables Mean (SD)  
 Percent female 54.5%  
 Patient mean age 54.7 (14) years  
 Percent referrals with history of surgery 5%  
Reason for referral Frequency %
 Red Flag 234 6.5
 Radicular Syndrome 2728 75.6
 Non-specific LBP 578 16.0
 Missing/No indications listed 69 1.9
Total 3609 100