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Table 3 General practitioners’ management of stress according to co-existing psychiatric diagnoses

From: General practitioners’ management of patients with psychological stress: audit results from Denmark

Psychiatric diagnosis coexisting with stressNone (ref)Anxiety onlyDepression onlyOther diag only>  1 diagnosis
Number of patients376931766080
Mean age in years4344444444
GP assessed cause of stressWork73%63%64%63%75%
Physical disease5%18%*12%*17%*20%*
Other cause8%15%13%23%*16%
Benzodiazep or Z-drugs7%10%7%3%16%*
None of the above88%52%*25%*77%*34%*
Period of sick leave due to the stress53%45%54%52%71%*
Counselling in general practice43%58%*53%52%55%
Referred to psychologist32%45%49%*37%45%*
Referred to dpt. of occupational medicine7%5%5%3%9%
Reported to OSHA6%2%7%8%14%
Participated in municipality stress program5%6%14%*5%1%
  1. * p < 0.05 adjusted for age group and sex compared to (ref). OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration