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Table 2 The general practitioner’s causality assessment and management of psychological stress

From: General practitioners’ management of patients with psychological stress: audit results from Denmark

GP assessed causes of stressWorkFamilyDiseaseOtherUnknown
Number of patients (groups are not exclusive)542303869434
The patients’ mean age in years4543454145
Patients with female sex74%74%64%63%48%
Benzodiazepines or Z-drugs7%7%12%13%12%
None of the above66%62%40%50%49%
Period of sick-leave due to the stress62%43%52%43%30%
Counselling in general practice51%52%53%53%45%
Referred to psychologist37%45%42%35%36%
Referred to dpt. of occupational medicine9%3%3%2%1%
Reported to OSHA9%5%3%3%0%
Participated in municipality stress program9%8%8%7%3%
  1. The arrows indicate where the proportions were significantly (age- and sex-adjusted p < 0.05) higheror lowerif the cause of stress was assessed to be present compared to if not. OSHA, Occupational Safety- and Health-Administration