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Table 1 Descriptive characteristic of osteoarthritic patients and General Practitioners and Defined Daily Dose (DDD) during the year preceding the study period

From: A cluster randomized trial to measure the impact on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and proton pump inhibitor prescribing in Italy of distributing cost-free paracetamol to osteoarthritic patients

 Experimental armControl arm
N (%)N (%)
General Practitioners (GPs)87
 F1 (12.5)3 (42.9)
 M7 (87.5)4 (57.1)
Number of patients
 F46 (79.3)49 (83.1)
 M12 (20.7)10 (16.9)
Age classes
 65–7415 (25.9)16 (27.1)
 75–8427 (46.6)30 (50.8)
 85+16 (27.6)13 (22.0)
Prescription during the year before randomization
 Users27 (46.6)28 (47.5)
 Total DDD in the period2328.71030.6
DDD per patient, median (IQR)40 (20–80)26.5 (13.9–60)
 Average DDD per day6.382.82
DDD per day per patient, median (IQR)0.11 (0.05–0.22)0.07 (0.04–0.16)
 Users16 (27.6)22 (37.3)
 Total DDD in the period627.0521.4
DDD per patient, median (IQR)14.5 (4–37.2)8 (4–20)
 Average DDD per day1.721.43
DDD per day per patient, median (IQR)0.04 (0.01–0.10)0.02 (0.01–0.05)
 Users28 (48.3)27 (45.8)
 Total DDD in the period4249.03719.3
DDD per patient, median (IQR)119 (28–203)133 (42–182)
Average DDD per day11.6410.19
DDD per day per patient, median (IQR)0.33 (0.08–0.56)0.36 (0.12–0.50)
  1. PPIs Proton Pump Inhibitors, NSAIDs Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, DDD Defined Daily Dose, IQR interquartile range