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Table 2 Network typology and key themes

From: Help seeking for antibiotics; is the influence of a personal social network relevant?

Name Network type Rehearsed self-care strategies Mixed understanding of AMR Temporary / Strategic Role of HCP
AMR is where resistance occurs in the … Concern
Support for self-care comes from… Bacteria Human body Population Individual % HCPs network member Access to GP… Help seeking trigger
Bev Diverse Family X   X X 25a Delay Severity
Florence Diverse Family (HCP)    X X 20a Delay Holiday
Emilia Diverse Friends    X X 24a Delay Severity
Dianne Diverse Friends and Family (HCP) X   X   13a Delay Persistence
Ruth Diverse Spouse / friends (with children) X X    13 Delay Severity
Simon Diverse     X X 13 Immediate LTC treatment plan
Pearl Diverse Family / Friends X X X   26 Delay Severity
Rachel Diverse Friends (with children)    X X 24a Minor delay Holiday
Rose Family and friend centred Family (HCP) X   X   16a Minor delay Reoccurring illness
Gail Family and friend centred Friends (HCP) X   X   75a Delay Persistence
Lynn Family and friend centred Homeopath    X X 36 Delay Severity
Emma Family and friend centred Spouse and Friends (with children)    X X 5 Minor delay Severity
Victoria Family and friend centred Spouse X X X X 19 Immediate Holiday
John Family and friend centred GP X   X   35 Immediate LTC treatment plan
Betty Family and friend centred Family and GP    X X 29 Immediate Severity
Anna Family and friend centred Family and Pharmacist X   X   18 Delay Persistence
Charlotte Family and friend centred Family    X X 14 Minor Delay Severity
Sue Family and friend centred Spouse    X X 36 Minor delay Severity
Caroline Family and friend centred Spouse X   X   37.5a Delay Severity
Sophie Family and friend centred HCP and Family    X X 43a Delay Severity
Hugh Restricted GP X X X   37 Immediate LTC treatment plan
Laura Restricted HCPs and Spouse    X X 25 Minor delay Severity
Pete Restricted Spouse X   X   40 Delay Severity
Ronald Restricted HCP    X X 100a Immediate Severity
  1. afamily or friend are also health care professionals (HCP)