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Table 1 Flexible topic guide for the interviews with 28 GPs

From: Challenges and strategies for general practitioners diagnosing serious infections in older adults: a UK qualitative interview study

Questions making up the flexible topic guide
Describe the clinical case and context.
Tell me about the signs and symptoms you elicited and why? How did you interpret the findings?
What is your experience of point-of-care testing?
What is your experience of other investigations?
What were the views of the patient or patient’s carers?
Please summarise your decision-making process regarding admission.
What are the potential benefits and disadvantages of staying at home compared to an admission?
What options are available to you in your area for further investigation and inpatient or out of hospital care, and what are your thoughts on these? How do you access these?
What is your experience of advance care plans?
What are your views on medicolegal issues surrounding admission?
What are your views on use of resources?
What advice would you give to other GPs about diagnosing infection in older patients and deciding whether to admit?