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Table 3 PEI dual interpretation of items

From: Patient understanding of two commonly used patient reported outcome measures for primary care: a cognitive interview study

PEI item Interpretation of item Total
Able to cope with life Not “coping” means depressed or unable to go about day to day tasks 13
Improved “coping” can be any reduction in minor concern. 5
Able to understand illness My long-term condition is not an “illness” 3
My short-term condition is not an “illness” 5
I do / did have an illness when I consulted the doctor / nurse 12
Able to cope with your illness Taking practical action to make the illness less problematic 9
Includes reduction of concern even if no practical action taken 7
Able to keep yourself healthy Refers to general diet, exercise, well-being 7
Refers to the particular problem consulted for 8
Confident about your health Increased understanding / confidence in managing condition 7
Confidence in diagnosis and management plan 3
Confident that condition can be dealt with / is not serious 7
Confident that you an overall healthy person 2
Able to help yourself Able to manage in daily life (not helpless) 8
Any actions taken to improve or alleviate symptoms / condition 11