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Table 5 Multivariate logistic regression analysis for factors* related to PPSV23 vaccination intention and behavior (PPSV23 vaccination status defined by electronic medical record)

From: Correlation between family physician’s direct advice and pneumococcal vaccination intention and behavior among the elderly in Japan: a cross-sectional study

  OR 95%CI p-value
Family history of pneumonia 0.35 0.12–1.07 0.066
Subjective sense of economic conditions 3.04 0.76–12.26 0.117
The necessity for transportation to the clinic 1.34 0.61–2.95 0.470
Perceived susceptibility to common colds 2.03 0.81–5.08 0.132
Perceived susceptibility to pneumonia 1.29 0.35–4.77 0.699
Perceived severity of pneumonia 0.96 0.39–2.34 0.924
Perceived effectiveness of PPSV23 2.09 0.98–4.47 0.056
Physician’s recommendations 4.73 2.33–9.62 <0.001
Awareness of PPSV23 2.87 1.18–6.96 0.020
  1. *: The independent variables which were associated with PPSV23 at p < 0.20 in univariate logistic regression analysis were incorporated to multivariate logistic regression analysis
  2. The PPSV23 vaccinated and unvaccinated groups were defined by the vaccination records in electronic medical record only, irrespective of the questionnaire responses. There were significant relationships between PPSV23 vaccination and physician’s direct advice (p < 0.001) and awareness of PPSV23 (p = 0.02)