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Table 2 Category Benefit for the GP and perceived benefits for the patient and examples of quotations of some of its sub-categories. (Theme 1)

From: Drugs, distrust and dialogue –a focus group study with Swedish GPs on discharge summary use in primary care

Accurate medication list
If it works well, they’re well written and updated regarding medications, they’re great, of great help.” (FG 1)
“You check the medication list at discharge with ours and make corrections. When the patient revisits, you check again, is this correct, sometimes they quit a pill for some reason…and then you update it.” (FG 3)
To know what the patients know
“I can assure... I know the patient knows what’s been said (in the discharge summary), if I get it from the medical case history I don’t know how much of this the patient has perceived from their hospitalization, but the discharge summary at least, I know the patient has read…perhaps, or at least received. What is in the discharge summary, I feel safe that we know the same things.” (FG 2)