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Table 3 Taxonomy of patient capacity in stroke

From: A conceptual model of treatment burden and patient capacity in stroke

Type of patient capacity Factor affecting patient capacity
Personal attributes • Positive characteristics e.g. resilience, independence, patience, humour and determination.
• Negative characteristics e.g. disorganisation, poor engagement with health services, worry, frustration.
• Knowledge and past experiences e.g. of stroke or other illnesses.
• Practical capabilities e.g. physical, visual, hearing.
• Cognitive capabilities e.g. memory, problem solving.
• Skill set e.g. internet use.
Support network • Friends and family that give practical and emotional support such as information gathering, medications and transport to appointments.
• Volunteers / charities.
• Support groups and other stroke patients.
• Employment that provides a support network.
Financial status • Financial struggles e.g. loss of income, delay in benefits.
• Ability to pay for own mobility aids, adaptations, private healthcare or home care.
Life workload • Co-morbidities.
• Employment.
• Dependants e.g. spouse, children.
Environment • Geographical location e.g. distance from hospital and transport links.
• Home environment e.g. stairs, access to house.
• Availability of aids or gadgets.