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Table 3 Examples of ICPC

From: Correlation between patients’ reasons for encounters/health problems and population density in Japan: a systematic review of observational studies coded by the International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care (ICHPPC) and the International Classification of Primary care (ICPC)

Category Example
A: General and unspecified A01 Pain general/A02 Chill/A03 Fever
B: Blood. Blood-forming organs and immune mechanism B02 Lymph gland/B04 Blood symptom/B25 Fear of AIDS
D: Digestive D01 Abdominal pain/D02 Abdominal pain epigastric/D03 Heartburn
F: Eye F01 Eye pain/F02 Red eyes/F03 Eye discharge
H: Ear H01 Ear pain/H02 Hearing complaint/H03 Tinnitus
K: Cardiovascular K01 Heart pain/K02 Pressure/K03 Cardiovascular pain
L: Musculoskeletal L01 Neck symptom/L02 Back symptom/L03 Low back symptom
N: Neurological N01 Headache/N02 Face pain/N04 Restless legs
P: Psychological P01 Feeling anxious/P02 Acute stress reaction/P03 Feeling depressed
R: Respiratory R01 Pain respiratory system/R02 Shortness of breath/R03 Wheezing
S: Skin S01 Pain of skin/S02 Pruritus/S03 Warts
T: Endocrine/Metabolic and Nutritional T01 Excessive thirst/T02 Excessive appetite/T03 Loss of appetite
U: Urological U01 Dysuria/U02 Urinary frequency/U04 Incontinence Urine
W: Pregnancy, Childbearing, Family planning W01 Question of pregnancy/W02 Fear of pregnancy/W03 Antepartum bleeding
X: Female genital X01 Genital pain female/X02 Menstrual period/X03 Intermenstrual pain
Y: Male genital Y01 Pain penis/Y02 Pain in testis/Y03 Urethral discharge
Z: Social problems Z01 Poverty/Z02 Food or water problem/Z03 Housing problem
  1. ICPC: International Classification of Primary Care