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Table 2 Eligibility criteria for Care Plus [20]

From: Multimorbidity, clinical decision making and health care delivery in New Zealand Primary care: a qualitative study

A general practice that is part of a PHO can enrol a patient in Care Plus if they are assessed by a doctor or nurse at the general practice as:
• being able to benefit from intensive clinical management in primary health care (at least 2 h of care from 1 or more members of the primary health care team over the following 6 months), and
• having 2 or more chronic health conditions, as long as each condition is one that:
• is a significant disability or has a significant burden of morbidity; and
• creates a significant cost to the health system; and
• has agreed and objective diagnostic criteria; and
• requires continuity of care and where a primary health care team approach has an important role in management; or
• requiring intensive clinical care because they:
• have a terminal illness (defined as someone who has advanced, progressive disease whose death is likely within 12 months); or
• have had 2 acute medical or mental health-related hospital admissions in the past 12 months (excluding surgical admissions); or
• have had 6 first-level service or similar primary health care visits in the past 12 months (including emergency department visits); or
• are on active review for elective services.