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Table 1 Overview of reimbursement codes 100 and 105

From: Practice variation in surgical procedures and IUD-insertions among general practitioners in Norway – a longitudinal study

Code 100, some examples:  
 -Treatment of epistaxis  
 -Skin biopsy  
 -Removal of foreign body from eye and ear/nose/thro  
 -Implantation of medical implants  
 -Injection of medication in joints and tendon sheath  
 -Surgical removal of small skin tumours  
 -Wound treatment with/without sutures  
 -Arterial bloodgas sampling  
 -Cleaning of external Auditory Canal (IE Cerumen Removal)  
Code 105, some examples:  
 -Incision of abscess  
 -Urinary catheterization and bladder washout  
 -Surgical removal of small subcutaneous tumours, nail, large nevus or nevus from face  
 -Ligature of haemorrhoid  
 -Puncture of joint and pleura for sampling  
 -Lumbar puncture  
 -Larger wound treatment and debridement  
 -Advanced treatment of chronic wounds