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Table 1 Search strategy in PubMed

From: Are interventions to increase the uptake of screening for cardiovascular disease risk factors effective? A systematic review and meta-analysis

#1 Search (((((((("Hyperlipidemias"[Mesh]) OR "Cardiovascular Diseases"[Mesh]) OR "Hypertension"[Mesh]) OR "Diabetes Mellitus"[Mesh])) OR ((((((((((cardiovascular[Text Word]) OR coronary[Text Word]) OR stroke[Text Word]) OR heart[Text Word]) OR family history[Text Word]) OR early cardiovascular death[Text Word]) OR hyperlipidemias[Text Word]) OR diabetes mellitus) OR hypertension)))
#2 Search ((((((((general practice[Text Word]) OR preventive health service[Text Word]) OR health check*[Text Word]) OR mass screening[Text Word]) OR opportunistic screening[Text Word])) OR (((((health check*) OR "General Practice"[Mesh]) OR "Preventive Health Services"[Mesh]) OR "Mass Screening"[Mesh])))) OR screening[Text Word]
#3 Search ((((((((("Patient Acceptance of Health Care"[Mesh]) OR "Patient Participation"[Mesh]) OR "Consumer Participation"[Mesh]) OR "Refusal to Participate"[Mesh]) OR uptak*))) OR (((((patient participation[Text Word]) OR consumer participation[Text Word]) OR uptak*[Text Word]) OR patient acceptance of health care[Text Word]) OR refusal to participate[Text Word]))) OR participat*
#4 Search #1AND #2 AND #3