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Table 1 Outline of researcher interaction with recruited practices

From: Feasibility of alcohol screening among patients receiving opioid treatment in primary care

• Initial invite / practice recruitment:
o 149 GPs received written invitation to participate.
o Invitation outlined: (a) study purpose; (b) remuneration for administrative workload generated; (e) GP / practice requirements on participation and content of the intervention.
o Sixteen practices were selected to participate in the study
• Practice Visits: Patient recruitment and baseline data collection was completed over a series of four practice visits.
o Visit 1: Researcher visited practices to outline the study, explain patient recruitment, and provided a resource pack outlining study requirements in greater detail.
o Visit 2: Researcher facilitated practices to complete a register of patients attending the practice for management of problem drug use.
o Visit 3: Researcher conducted a detailed review of clinical records of participating patients during the baseline data collection phase. GPs were also asked about each patient’s problem alcohol use and drug use by the researcher.
o Visit 4: Baseline patient interviews conducted in person or by telephone.
• Three months after the complex intervention had been delivered (see summary box 2), follow-up data was collected (i.e. patient interviews, review of clinical records and GP questionnaires)
• The ‘control group’ received the complex intervention upon completion of follow-up data collection.