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Table 3 Selection criteria

From: Experiences of nurse practitioners and medical practitioners working in collaborative practice models in primary healthcare in Australia – a multiple case study using mixed methods

Inclusion criteria
 • Primary healthcare setting
 • NP and MP registered with AHPRA for at least 6 months
 • NP endorsed as NP for at least 6 months
 • NP and MP working together for at least 6 months for at least 1 day per week
 • Both NP and MP needed to be willing to participate in the study
Exclusion criteria
 • Secondary/tertiary healthcare setting
 • Sites with practice nurses or NP candidates who were not endorsed as NPs yet
 • Participants who have not worked together for a minimum of 6 months
 • Sites with complicated travelling logistics that would have exceeded the study budget
  1. NP Nurse Practitioner, MP Medical Practitioner, AHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency