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Table 2 Patient case descriptions – study 1

From: Factors influencing general practitioners’ decisions about cardiovascular disease risk reassessment: findings from experimental and interview studies

Generic patienta scenario Description
  A regular patient of yours presents for a “check-up” and has no current symptoms. He/she has been trying to improve their diet and increase their physical activity levels. You have several previous blood pressure readings at approximately the same level as observed today. A recent test of electrolytes, liver function and renal function was normal.
• BMI: 27
• Past medical history: nil of note
• Family history: mother died of bowel cancer, nil family history of ischaemic heart disease
• Social history: married, lives at home
• Ethnicity: Caucasian
Patient case category Individual risk (IR) Absolute Risk (IR)
A (high IR, lower AR) High (either blood pressure or cholesterol) Lower (≤15 %)
 Ai High (blood pressure only – systolic blood pressure [SBP] ≥147 mmHg Lower (≤15 %)
 Aii High (cholesterol only – total cholesterol/HDL ratio [TC/HDL] ≥6.5 mmol/L Lower (≤15 %)
B (high IR, high AR) High (SBP ≥147 mmHg, TC/HDL ≥6.5 mmol/L) High (>15 %)
C (lower IR, high AR) Lower (SBP <147 mmHg, TC/HDL <6.5 mmol/L) High (>15 %)
D (lower IR, lower AR) Lower (SBP <147 mmHg, TC/HDL <6.5 mmol/L) Lower (≤15 %)
  1. aApplies to all patient case categories