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Table 3 Example of how findings were yielded from the analytical process, showing some of the many meaning units that built up the categories and the theme

From: Healthcare system intervention for safer use of medicines in elderly patients in primary care—a qualitative study of the participants’ perceptions of self-assessment, peer review, feedback and agreement for change

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Code Category Theme
To see all this and to listen to other people participating, to listen to their ways of seeing things Listen to other people’s way of seeing things Co-operation Multi-professional co-operation Medication safety is a large area. In order to make improvements time needs to be invested and different professions must contribute
I cannot make progress in this matter, but is there someone else who has managed it, and if so, how? Helping each other Knowledge sharing The joy of sharing knowledge
It was quite comprehensive, so it took a lot of time to go through it all and answer all the questions Comprehensive form and time-consuming to answer Time-consuming Spend time to save time
It costs energy right now, but if we can improve our routines and follow them… then I think it will pay off in the long run Investing time now will save time later Time-saving
Not that I clearly felt that we were talking about the answers in our self-assessment report Not talking about the same things Disappointment Disappointment with the focus of the feedback
I think it was really good to see it in print, what’s working and what’s not, and what we can improve What’s working and what’s not, and improvements Strengths and weaknesses A focus on areas of improvement
Yes, concerning medication reviews I think so […] we can surely perform many more of these Perform many more of these Change of routines Impact on work