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Table 2 Details of Qualitative Studies of multidisciplinary care in the community care of stroke

From: Multidisciplinary care planning in the primary care management of completed stroke: a systematic review

Study Authors Study group Numbers Objective Method Outcomes
Allen et al 2002[(14, 15) UK Stroke at discharge to home 8 To describe the micro-management of the Discharge process Ethnographic Staff on ground prepared to bend rules to get the best outcome for patients. Very staff dependent. GPs are part of this process, but not to a wide extent.
Brotheridge et al 1998[(13) UK Stroke patients and carers post discharge 30 To describe GP care experienced by stroke patients after discharge in the community Separate interview of patients and carers GP care reactive and often confined to treating complications and writing scripts. Sometimes had to ask to be seen, Patients and carers disappointed by GP response, expected more coordination.
Sackley and Pound, 2002[(24) Health carers of stroke patients about to enter nursing home. 12 Describe process of setting discharge priorities for patients about to enter nursing home Delphi process, plus two group meetings Ranking of goals in physical care needs, care needs (ie process needs), he discharge process. Rankings changed through the process.