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Table 1 Details of Randomised Controlled Studies of multidisciplinary care in the community care of stroke

From: Multidisciplinary care planning in the primary care management of completed stroke: a systematic review

Author, year, location, Study participants Participants (intervention/control) Test and control groups similar at baseline? Patients lost to follow-up (intervention/con trol) Patients without complete data (intervention/control) Intervention Study designs
Askim et al 2004 [(20) Norway Stroke patients being discharged to rural areas. 31/31 Yes    Home based care coordination from hospital specialist unit for four weeks post- discharge for rural areas. Primary health care providers visited home, phone liaison with stroke unit to develop care plan. RCT
    Age, Diagnosis, Predisposing medical history Died at 52 weeks 8/5 Withdrew   
    Functional status   <6 wks 0/1   
      <26 wks 0/2   
      <52 wks 0/2   
Faberberg et al 2000 [(19) Sweden. Acute Stoke patients 166/83 Yes    Stroke unit care including comprehensive discharge planning (includes "contact with primary care services" unspecified) vs general ward care RCT
    Age Died    
    Medical history except angina 3 wks 14/8    
     3 mths 7/5 3 wks 12/1   
    Living alone 12 mths 23/6 3 mths 4/4   
    Conscious state on admission Alive at 12 mths 70/71% 12 mths 0/4   
    Nature of stroke     
    Final diagnosis     
    Angina 27/15% (P = 0.036)     
Trondheim study(21, 29, 30) Norway Acute Stroke patients 160/160 Yes    Early supported discharge from specialist stroke unit. Includes comprehensive coordination with primary care services RCT
    Age Died    
    Gender Initial admission 4/5    
    Living alone 6 wks 4/7    
    Medical history 26 wks 13/15    
    Functional state 52 wks 0/0