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Table 1 Overview of all measures used in this paper

From: Does the attention General Practitioners pay to their patients' mental health problems add to their workload? A cross sectional national survey

Measure Type of data collection
- Working hours weekly (objective) GP diary 1 week
- Number of patient contacts weekly (objective) Contact registration 1 year
- Satisfaction with the available time (subjective) GP questionnaire
- Emotional exhaustion (subjective) GP questionnaire
GP's attention for mental health problems  
- GP's role perception with respect to mental health problems GP questionnaire
- % contacts with psychological or social diagnoses Contact registration 1 year
GP, practice and patient characteristics  
- Sex, age, years of establishment, personal list size GP questionnaire
- Degree of urbanisation GP questionnaire
- % of publicly insured, women, 65+, non-Western, unemployed and low educated patients Patient registration