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Table 1 Collection of data

From: "When patients have cancer, they stop seeing me" – the role of the general practitioner in early follow-up of patients with cancer – a qualitative study

Who Method Type of text Number of words
6 GPs from another town Focus group discussion about GP role in cancer follow-up (taped) Transcribed discussion 14598
13 GPs with at least two randomized patients Individual interviews with the GPs (taped) Transcribed interviews 86195
4 GPs who had at least one eligible patient who died before finishing treatment Individual interviews with the four GPs (taped) Transcribed interviews 3169
91 randomized patients 45 relatives 1 friend Self-administered questionnaires at start and after six months
One page enclosed for relative or friend
Written comments transcribed from the patients and their relatives and friends 16255 from patients
838 from relatives and friends
41 intervention patients Invited consultation with the personal GP at start and after six months
Three open-ended questions asked by the GP
Patients' answers written down by the GP and transcribed 16538