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Table 1 Study measures

From: The DiGEM trial protocol – a randomised controlled trial to determine the effect on glycaemic control of different strategies of blood glucose self-monitoring in people with type 2 diabetes [ISRCTN47464659]

Measures Baseline 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
Questionnaire measures:      
Illness perceptions questionnaire [26]    
Well-being questionnaire 12-item [25]    
Beliefs about medicines questionnaire    
Medication Adherence Report scale    
Beliefs about physical activity and eating +    
Beliefs about blood glucose monitoring +    
Beliefs about using a blood glucose monitor+    
Occupation and social class     
Physiological measures     
Blood pressure    
Weight, height    
Total and HDL cholesterol    
Use of medical services
Costs of medication     
Costs of delivering intervention