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Table 4 What general practitioners think about hypnotherapy and their willingness to refer irritable bowel syndrome patients for hypnotherapy.

From: General practitioners believe that hypnotherapy could be a useful treatment for irritable bowel syndrome in primary care

  Agree Unsure Disagree n=
Is Hypnotherapy an "alternative" not a mainstream therapy? 75.5 17.4 6.5 155
Hypnotherapy could help a sufferer from a physical illness 72.9 22.6 4.5 155
Hypnotherapy could help a sufferer of a Psychological disorder 77.4 18.7 3.9 155
Hypnotherapy could be dangerous 34.8 40.6 24.5 155
Is Hypnotherapy a treatment that you might advise for your patients? Yes Neutral No n=
  38.7 32.9 28.4 155
Hypnotherapy should be available through an accredited Hypnotherapist. 83.9 13.5 1.9 155
Would you be willing to provide Hypnotherapy personally (after training)? 20.6 10.3 68.4 155
If Hypnotherapy took 8 × 30 minutes sessions to ensure long-lasting remission in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Yes   No n=
Would this be a cost-effective measure to provide for all Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients? 12.9   83.2 155
Would this be a cost-effective measure to provide for some Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients? 78.1   13.5 155
Would you refer Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers to these sessions elsewhere 56.1 28.4 14.8 155
  1. N.B. the rows do not always sum to 100% as missing responses are included in the analysis but not shown.