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Table 4 Ambulatory care visit and referral patterns of Manitoba chronic disease patients over 3 years by residence area: percent of total visits by patients with an assigned PCP*

From: Do primary care physicians coordinate ambulatory care for chronic disease patients in Canada?

Visit category Winnipeg Non-Winnipeg
Visits to Assigned PCP 52.55 58.29
Visits to Another PCP 17.31 23.10
Visits to a Specialist by Referral 13.34 7.99
 By Assigned PCP 6.15 1.87
 By Another PCP 4.81 4.19
 By Specialist 2.38 1.93
Visits to a Specialist without Referral 13.40 7.82
 Assigned Physician is a PCP 3.51 1.48
 Assigned Physician is the Specialist visited 8.33 4.97
 Assigned Physician is another Specialist 1.56 1.37
  1. *PCP: primary care physician. Bold text indicates the percent of total visits; regular text is used to describe the referral patterns or assigned physician in each category.