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Table 1 Questions used for independent variables

From: Preventive care in general practice among healthy older New South Wales residents

Participant characteristics Question Response Source
Demographic characteristics
Gender What gender are you? Male, Female ABS,
Age What is your date of birth? dd/mm/yyyy ABS,
Country of birth* In which country were you born? Australia, UK, Ireland, Italy, China, Greece, New Zealand, Germany, Lebanon, Philippines, Netherlands, Vietnam, Malta, Poland, other (please specify) ABS, 45&Up
Rurality (ARIA+) What was your most recent previous residential location? Postcode or Suburb/Town, State/Territory, If overseas, country 45&Up
Socioeconomic status
Education* What is the highest qualification you have completed? No school certificate or other qualifications; School or intermediate certification (or equiv); Higher School or leaving certificate (or equiv); Trade/apprenticeship (e.g. hairdresser, chef); Certificate/diploma (e.g. child care, technician); University degree or higher. Adapted from ABS; 45&Up
Household income What is your usual yearly household income before tax from all sources? (please include wages, benefits, pensions, superannuation etc.) <$5,000; $5-9,999; $10-19,999; $20-29,999; $30-39,999; $40-49,999; $50-59,999; $60-69,999; $70-79,999; $80-89,999; $90-119,999; $120-149,999; $150,000 or more; I would rather not answer this questions ABS, 45&Up
Lifestyle factors
Smoking status Have you ever been a regular smoker? Yes, No ABS, 45&Up
  Are you a regular smoker NOW? Yes No  
  About how much do you/did you smoke on average each day? Cigarettes per day; Pipes and Cigars per day  
Weight About how much do you weigh? Kg or Stones and lbs ABS, 45&Up
Height* How tall are you without your shoes? cm or feet and inches ABS, 45&Up
Physical activity How many times did you do each of these activities last week? Walking continuously for at least 10 min (Times last wk) ABS, 45&Up
Vigorous physical activity (Times last wk)
Moderate physical activity (Times last wk)
  If you add up all the time you spent doing each activity last week, how much time did you spend altogether doing each type of activity? Walking continuously for at least 10 min (hrs and mins)  
Vigorous physical activity (hours and minutes
Moderate physical activity (hours and minutes)
Diet About how many services of vegetables do you usually eat each day? Number of services of cooked vegetables each day; Number of services of raw vegetables each day ABS & 45&up
  About how many serves of fruit or glasses of fruit juice do you usually have each day Number of serves of fruit each day; Number of glasses of fruit juice each day  
Health care    
Health status In the last month have you been treated for Anxiety 45&Up
High blood pressure
High Cholesterol
Access to GP Thinking of times when you want to see a particular doctor in your practice or medical centre, how quickly do you usually get to see that doctor? Same day; next day; 2–3 days; 4–5 days; more than 5 days Adapted from Comm Fund Survey
Thinking of times when you want to see ANY doctor in your practice or medical centre, how quickly do you usually get to see that doctor? Same day; next day; 2–3 days; 4–5 days; more than 5 days  
If you need to see a GP urgently can you normally get seen on the same day? Yes, No  
Confidence in managing own health On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that you can do all the things necessary to manage your health on a regular basis? 1 (not at all confident), 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10(totally confident)  
  1. * Data from 45 and Up baseline survey.
  2. ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey [32]45&Up repeated 45 and Up baseline survey question [29]Comm Fund Survey Commonwealth Fund Survey 2005 [33].