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Table 7 Symptoms/diagnoses were defined as any of the following

From: Using read codes to identify patients with irritable bowel syndrome in general practice: a database study

Symptom/diagnoses Read codes Rubric
Irritable bowel syndrome 14CF. History of IBS
J521. IBS
Abdominal pain 196.. Type of gastrointestinal tract pain
197.. Site of gastrointestinal tract pain
R090. [D] Abdominal pain
Bloating 19A.. Abdominal distension symptom
19B.. Flatulence/wind
R0734 [D] Bloating
Constipation symptom 19C.. Constipation
Functional constipation J520. Constipation - functional
Change in bowel habit 19EA. Change in bowel habit
R078. [D] Change in bowel habit
Diarrhoea 19F.. Diarrhoea symptoms
19G.. Diarrhoea and vomiting
Functional diarrhoea J525. Functional diarrhoea
J43z. Chronic diarrhoea
J4z.. Presumed noninfectious diarrhoea
Nausea 198.. Nausea
Vomiting 199.. Vomiting
Diarrhoea and vomiting 19G.. Diarrhoea and vomiting
Tenesmus 19D.. Tenesmus symptom
Faeces/motions symptoms 19E.. Faeces/motions -symptoms
GI infection A0… Intestinal infectious diseases
Inflammatory bowel disease J40.. Crohn’s disease
  J41.. Ulcerative colitis or proctitis