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Figure 3

From: The “Health Coaching” programme: a new patient-centred and visually supported approach for health behaviour change in primary care

Figure 3

Process steps, patient participation, and continuation rate from one step to the next step, and the times of data collection. Abbreviations: WS: work sheet (one worksheet per step): WS 1: Assessing awareness (self-rated health behaviour at baseline, using visual tool and visual analogue scales); WS 2: Exploring motivation (with extended questionnaire about health behaviour in the six areas and health-related attitudes); WS 3: choice of target behaviour and action plan; WS 4: evaluation of success (visual tool). I: importance. C: Confidence. R: Readiness. W: Weight. N: Nutrition PA: Physical Activity St:Stress Sm: Smoking A:Alcohol. TTM: Transtheoretical Model.

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