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Table 3 The sample of patients included in this study

From: Family physicians' experiences when collaborating with district nurses in home care-based medical treatment. A grounded theory study

  Age Sex Medical, functional and other problems encountered
1 - Female Depression, Pain, Overuse of painkillers
2 61 Male Alcohol abuse, Epilepsy, Dementia
3 >75 Female Dementia, Pain, Epilepsy?
4 78 Female Depression, Dementia and Aphasia after stroke, Incontinence
5 82 Male Impaired peripheral circulation, Ulcers, Pain
6 85 Female Asthma, Diabetes, Dementia, Infections
7 86 Male Prostate hypertrophy, Uraemia
8 87 Female Dementia, Heart failure, Incontinence, Diabetes
9 87 Male Diabetes, Obesity, Neuropathy, Both legs amputated, Ulcers, Infections, Pain
10 87 Male Metastasised kidney cancer, End of life care
11 89 Female Glaucoma, Bad eyesight, Aortic stenosis, Dizziness and falls, Fractures
12 89 Female Severe anaemia, Leg ulcers
13 90 Male Diabetes, Arthrosis, Heart failure, Spanish speaking
14 95 Female Aged, Deteriorating health, Pneumonia, End of life care
15 Very old Male Aged, Heart failure, Angina, Prostate hypertrophy, Dizziness and falls