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Table 1 Result from the systematic literature review: identified primary care dimensions and features

From: The european primary care monitor: structure, process and outcome indicators

PC Dimension Feature
Governance of the PC system 1. Health (care) goals; 2. Policy on equity in access; 3. (De)centralization of PC management and service development; 4. Quality management infrastructure; 5. Appropriate technology in PC; 6. Patient advocacy; 7. Ownership of PC practices; 8. Integration of PC in the health care system.
Economic conditions of the PC system 1. Health care expenditure; 2. PC expenditures; 3. Health care funding system; 4. Employment status of PC workforce; 5. Remuneration system of PC workforces; 6. Income of PC workforce.
PC workforce development 1. Profile of PC workforce; 2. Recognition and responsibilities of PC disciplines; 3. Education and retention; 4 Professional associations; 5. Academic status of PC disciplines; 6. Future development of PC workforce.
Access to PC services 1. Availability of PC services; 2. Geographic access of PC services; 3. Accommodation of accessibility (incl. physical access); 4. Affordability of PC services; 5. Acceptability of PC; 6. Utilisation of PC services; 7. Equality in access.
Continuity of care 1. Longitudinal continuity of care; 2. Informational continuity of care; 3. Relational continuity of care; 4. Management continuity of care.
Coordination of care 1. Gatekeeping system; 2. PC practice and team structure; 3. Skill-mix in PC; 4. Integration of PC-secondary care; 5. Integration of PC and public health.
Comprehensiveness of PC 1. Medical equipment available; 2. First contact for common health problems; 3. Treatment and follow-up of diseases; 4. Medical technical procedures and preventive care; 5. Mother/child/reproductive health care; 6. Health promotion.
Quality of PC 1. Prescribing behaviour of PC providers; 2. Quality of diagnosis and treatment in PC; 3. Quality of chronic disease management; 4. Quality of mental health care; 5. Quality of maternal and child health care; 6. Quality of health promotion; 7. Quality of preventive care; 8. Effectiveness; 9. Practice safety.
Efficiency of PC 1. Allocative and productive efficiency; 2. Technical efficiency; 3. Efficiency in performance of PC workforce.
Equity in health 1. Equity in health