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Table 3 HIPS intervention goals

From: Health improvement and prevention study (HIPS) - evaluation of an intervention to prevent vascular disease in general practice

  Intervention Goals
Exercise • Moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes/day, including walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, ball games, or skiing with circuit-type resistance training, twice a week.
Diet • Diet low in saturated fats, sucrose and salt with increased portions of vegetables and fruit per day (up to 7 portions) in order to achieve a diet with the percentage of energy from carbohydrate = 50%, saturated fat < 10% and total fat < 30%, protein 1 g/kg ideal body weight per day, fibre 15 g/1000 kcal.
Weight reduction • (if overweight) of ≥ 5 kg or 5% of body weight
Smoking cessation • if smoker
Limit alcohol intake • (if drinking) to ≤ 2 drinks/day, including 1-2 alcohol free days/Week