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Table 5 Type and range of actions taken from 191 SEA reports

From: A review of significant events analysed in general practice: implications for the quality and safety of patient care

Changes implemented n %
Clinical Team Disease Diagnosis and Management
(e.g. raised clinical awareness/knowledge by dissemination to others then actioned, raised procedural awareness and dissemination to others for action)
32 16.6
Doctors Personal Skills/Behaviour/Knowledge application
(e.g. change in behaviour, application of knowledge)
28 14.6
(e.g. improved communication with patients, improved communication between practice staff or between staff and doctors)
26 13.6
(e.g. clarification of staff duties, member of staff designated to a particular role)
26 13.6
(e.g. change to prescribing software, medication change highlighted on discharge script from hospital)
24 12.6
(e.g. stop doing in-house tests)
18 9.4
Patient Records
(e.g. improved recording in notes - paper or electronic, important patient information highlighted in notes - electronic or paper)
16 8.4
Equipment and Workspace
(e.g. improved storage of equipment, face mask added to medical bag)
15 7.8
(e.g. increase appointment time for emergency surgery)
3 1.6
(e.g. equipment & stocking within consulting room)
2 1.0
Staffing/Premises Issue
(e.g. book used to document leave, revision of supervisory arrangements)
2 1.0
  1. • 154 SEA reports detailed actions to implement change
  2. • More than one change may have been reported in a single report.