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Table 4 GPs’ needs for improving registration and classification of persistent somatic symptoms in EHR

From: The general practitioners perspective regarding registration of persistent somatic symptoms in primary care: a survey

There is no ICPC code for PSS; is this a problem for you? n = 259 (%)
   Yes 127 (47.9)
Would you like to express components a of PSS in an ICPC code? n = 259 (%)
  Yes 85 (32.8)
Do you have a need for … to improve consultations/classification for PSS? n = 254 (%)
…training… (yes) 144 (56.7)
…an (online) tool… (yes) 148 (58.3)
…other support… (yes) 177 (69.7)
  1. a Specific thoughts, feelings and behaviour conforming to the B-criteria of SSD