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Table 3 GPs (n = 189) use of PSS-related syndrome codes

From: The general practitioners perspective regarding registration of persistent somatic symptoms in primary care: a survey

Do you use the PSS-syndrome ICPC codes?a,b n = 189
  Yes, I diagnose the syndromes myself sometimes 129 (68.3)
  Yes, I use this code when the syndrome is diagnosed by a medical specialist 74 (39.2)
  No, I think these complaints should be reported on a symptom level 25 (12.2)
  No, I am not convinced these are distinguishable syndromes 9 (4.8)
  Other, namely… 19 (10.1)
  1. a A04.01 – CFS; D93 – IBS; L18.01—FM
  2. b Multiple answers possible per GP