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Table 2 Interview Topic Guide

From: A mixed-methods study describing behavioral factors that influenced general practitioners’ experiences using triage during the COVID-19 pandemic

Type Question
Principle Tell me how you use triage in your current day-to-day work and any past experience you may have had?
What are your thoughts on patient triage? Specifically, what are the advantages or disadvantages?
How do patients feel about triage, i.e. “patient satisfaction”?
How do you feel triage impacts on your stress, workload, time management or job satisfaction?
Do you have any thoughts or opinions regarding triage or digital triage that we haven’t covered and you would like me to capture today?
Probe What is your experience of referring on to other [non-face-to-face] services within triage?
Do any patient groups have particular difficulties with triage models?
What do you think could make triage better?
Do you have any specific thoughts on total digital triage?
Do you think that your practice will carry on using total triage after COVID-19?