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Table 5 Interview results: List of self-identified causes of hypoglycaemia categorised by theme and number of participants mentioning the particular theme

From: Type 2 diabetes patients’ views on prevention of hypoglycaemia – a mixed methods study investigating self-management issues and self-identified causes of hypoglycaemia

Medication (6 participants)
 Accidentally overdosing medication
 Forgetting adjustment made to the medication regimen
 Adjusting the wrong type of insulin
 Fluctuating glucose levels
Physical activity (9 participants)
 Household chores
 Physical leisure activities
 Sexual activity
Nutrition (10 participants)
 Skipped, delayed, forgotten meals
 Low appetite/premature satiation
 Meals low on carbohydrates
 Fatty meals
 Alcohol consumption
 Low-carb diet
Stress/emotion (4 participants)
 Cognitive overload