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Table 3 Quotes of participants in the interviews translated from Dutch to illustrate the self-management issues categorized by TDF domain

From: Type 2 diabetes patients’ views on prevention of hypoglycaemia – a mixed methods study investigating self-management issues and self-identified causes of hypoglycaemia

  Quotes TDF
[A] “No, I do not have them very often [low blood sugar]. No, but then with my husband [he broke his hip due to a fall] ( …) But I just had to get used to it, to the new routine, until it was over. (female, 70–80 years old) Nature of behaviour
[B] “I should have prepared the warm meal earlier, but I am used to eating lunch at 12 o’clock. And I have the food ready at 12 o’clock, and I could not make that.” (female, 70–80 years old) Nature of behaviour
[C] “I do not really know this very well yet ( …) It is not that easy for me to skip one tablet or to take one tablet extra the next day. That is my problem, because I don’t have a sufficiently regular daily schedule. I’m trying to change that.” (Female 60–70 years old) Knowledge/ Nature of behaviour
[D] “So when it is low they say: ‘you need to inject more’, ok, how much more?” [Interviewer: “If it is low you need to inject more insulin?”] “Yes, so that it will go up again, as it were. [Interviewer: “Insulin lowers your sugar.”] “Yes, exactly. So I think, I will do it my way. I get a small bottle of soda or two biscuits with jelly and then it’s all fine again.” (Female ≥ 80 years old) Knowledge
[E] “Yes, I have had days, that I think like, ( …) I want to finish my work, my assignment, but then a colleague said like: ‘leave it for a while, we will take it over and you just sit down for a while.” (Female < 60 years old) Social influences and social/professional role and identity
[F] “I went to the gym for a while, ( …) and there I sometimes overestimated myself a little, and then I would get a hypo, because I would use a treadmill more than I could handle with my bad legs.” Beliefs about capabilities
[G] “So, I injected 4 [units] ( …) But, sometimes, it is too much and then I think that I should inject only 3 units. ( …) But then again my glucose gets close to 10 and I really want my glucose to be as low as possible.” (Female 70–80 years old) Motivation and goals
[H] “I love mashed potato stews; I allow myself this once in a while. I think I should be able to do that, otherwise life is not pleasant anymore.” (Female 60–70 years old) Motivation and goals
  1. TDF Theoretical Domains Framework