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Table 2 Effect migrant background on acute care use: crude and adjusted (n = 2,962)

From: Use of acute care services by adults with a migrant background: a secondary analysis of a EurOOHnet survey

  Model A Model Ba
IRR (95% CI) IRR (95% CI)
Migrant background (ref = native born)
Western migrant 1.18 (0.96–1.43) 1.15 (0.94–1.40)
Non-western migrant 2.02 (1.54–2.61)* 1.78 (1.35–2.30)*
  1. ref  Reference group, GP  General practitioner, IRR   Incidence rate ratio, CI  Confidence interval
  2. a Adjusted for age, sex and education level; *p < 0.05, in bold