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Table 2 Visit Characteristics between the two groups

From: Association between doctor-patient familiarity and patient-centred care during general practitioner's consultations: a direct observational study in Chinese primary care practice

  Familiar (N = 243) Unfamiliar (N = 202) Diffa (I-II) p-diff
  Mean (I) SE Mean (II) SE
Duration of visits (in minutes) 5.81 0.30 5.08 0.24 -0.722 0.084
Number of components appeared in each interval 1.84 0.06 1.89 0.08 -0.044 0.675
  1. Keys: Values are adjusted for patient sex, age, marital status, education, monthly household income, employment status, household status, health insurance, health status, reason for visit, number of visits to the CHC in the last year, whether have a family doctor or not, with or without chronic diseases. SE: standard error
  2. Diffa: absolute difference between familiar group and unfamiliar group