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Table 3 Factors Influencing Polypharmacy (Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis)

From: Feedback of patient survey on medication improves the management of polypharmacy: a pilot trial

Items OR (95%CI) p-value
Age (75 or over) 3.14 (2.01–4.91) < 0.001
Number of family doctors (2 or more) 2.34 (1.50–3.64) < 0.001
Difficulty talking about reducing medicine 2.21 (1.25–3.90) 0.006
  1. In a multivariate analysis using binomial logistic regression analysis, significant differences were found in the following 3 items: age, medical institutions visited for medical care, and the difficulty that patients had with asking their doctors to deprescribe their medications
  2. OR Odds ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence interval