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Table 1 Summary of the final search strategy (MEDLINE)

From: A systematic review of approaches to improve practice, detection and treatment of unhealthy alcohol use in primary health care: a role for continuous quality improvement

Search term group (number of search termsa entered)Examples of search terms
Implementation strategies and treatments (38 terms)Mass Screening; Counseling; Evaluation Studies as Topic; Delivery of Healthcare; Total Quality Management; PDSA;; Health Check*.mp; organi* interv*.mp
Alcohol drinking (5 terms)Alcohol*mp; Alcoholism; Binge Drinking; Alcohol Drinking; Alcoholic Intoxication
Primary Health Care (7 terms)Primary Health Care; Preventative Health Services; commun$; Physicians, Family; Physicians, Primary Care; Family Practice; General Practice
  1. aNumber of search terms entered represents the number of unexpanded MeSH subject headings and text key words entered into MEDLINE search. All MeSH subject headings were expanded