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Table 2 Percent of PCPs giving correct answers on WTS statements

From: Waterpipe smoking cessation: knowledge, barriers, and practices of primary care physicians- a questionnaire-based cross-sectional study

N = 101 (%)
Water pipe contains little toxicants because the smoke passes through a small receptacle of water.a9 (9.0)11 (11.0)80 (80.0)
Water pipe delivers the addictive drug nicotine as is the case of cigarette.80 (79.2)12 (11.9)9 (8.9)
During one session the water pipe smoker may inhale as much smoke as in 100 cigarettes.54 (53.5)17 (16.8)30 (29.7)
Water pipe smokers are at risk for the same diseases as cigarettes smokers (cancer, heart and lung disease).92 (91.1)5 (5.0)4 (4.0)
  1. aMissing values exist (N = 100)