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Table 1 Demographic and relevant characteristics of the PCPs

From: Waterpipe smoking cessation: knowledge, barriers, and practices of primary care physicians- a questionnaire-based cross-sectional study

CharacteristicTotal (N = 105)
Gender (N = 105)
Specialty (N = 103)a
 Family Medicine6563.1
 Internal Medicine98.8
 General Practitioners2827.1
 Emergency medicine11.0
Work experience (years) (N = 105)
 Less than 5 years1716.2
 5–10 years1211.4
 11–15 years1716.2
 More than 15 years4542.9
Place of workb
 Academic Institution5249.5
 Private Practice6259.0
 Managed Care Organization2725.7
Country of worka (N = 104)
Received/participated in training program for smoking cessationa (N = 95)
Presence of smoking cessation programcessationprogram at the work of place*5754.3
Smoking statusa (N = 104)
  1. aMissing values exist
  2. bMore than one answer was allowed