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Table 2 Educational background and current practice

From: Heart failure management insights from primary care physicians and allied health care providers in Southwestern Ontario

 Country of graduation
  Other Counties2420.3
 Year of graduation
  1970 to 197987.3
  1980 to 19891412.7
  1990 to 19991715.5
  2000 to 20192724.5
  2010 to 20194440.0
 Post-graduate Medical Trainingb
  Family Medicine5546.2
  No Post-graduate Medical Training4336.1
Practice Location
Hospital Privileges
Type of Hospital Setting
 Academic Health Sciences Centre (AHSC)4134.7
 Community hospital2823.7
 Emergency department (in community hospital or AHSC)21.7
 Non-AHSC teaching hospital21.7
 Other hospital1.8
  1. aPercentage calculated from overall sample
  2. bEight respondents reported having other post-graduate medical training in addition to family medicine