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Table 3 Interview and Focus Group Summary and Participant Composition

From: Twenty-five years on: revisiting Bosnia and Herzegovina after implementation of a family medicine development program

RegionInterview/FG ## ParticipantsGroup Composition
A121 DZ Director and 1 Deputy Director
241 DFM Head and 3 FM Specialists/DFM Members
35FM Specialists
45FM Residents
64Medical Students
B11DZ Director
221 DFM Head and 1 FM Specialist/DFM Member
31FM Association President
43FM Specialist
58FM Residents
64Medical Students
C121 Dean and 1 Vice Dean
241 DFM Head and 3 FM Specialist/DFM Members
34Medical Students
41DZ Director
54FM Residents
62FM Specialists
D11Vice Dean
241 DFM Head and 3 FM Specialist/DFM Members
38Medical Students
44FM Residents
55FM Specialists
21DZ Director
351 DFM Head and 4 FM Specialist/DFM Members
44Medical Students
54FM Residents
64FM Specialists
71FM Association Specialist
81Accreditation Agency Director
24Medical Students
31DFM Head
421 DZ Director and 1 Deputy Director
51FM Association President
64FM Specialists
74FM Residents
Total Focus Groups/Interviews39
Total Participants118
DZ Director/Deputy7
DFM Head4
FM Specialist27
FM Specialists/DFM Members13
FM Residents29
Medical Students28
Dean/Vice Dean6
FM Association President3
Accreditation Agency Director1