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Table 2 Summary of Selected Key Program Accomplishments

From: Twenty-five years on: revisiting Bosnia and Herzegovina after implementation of a family medicine development program

1. Twenty Family Medicine Teaching Centers established in the cities with Medical Faculties/ satellites, located in dom zdravlja’s [community primary care centres] as focal points for quality teaching and practice.
2. Established FM Specialization program in 1999. More than 530 physicians certified as Specialists in Family Medicine by program end, with this number still growing.
3. Five academic Departments of Family Medicine established in each of the Faculties, all being led by certified FM specialists with PhD / professorial credentials.
4. New curricula in Family Medicine implemented for senior medical students consistent among all Faculties and meeting European transfer credit standards.
5. More than 3200 practicing physicians and nurses trained under the Program of Additional Training, implemented with World Bank support in all corners of the country.
6. Vibrant Family Medicine Associations established in each entity with 7 branches in Federation, including Brčko District, with membership actively representing B-H in significant numbers at European Conferences.