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Table 1 NTS levels of urgency

From: Accuracy of telephone triage in patients suspected of transient ischaemic attack or stroke: a cross-sectional study

NTS Urgency level Definition Response time Medical help
U0 – Resuscitation Loss of vital functions Immediately Ambulance
U1 – Life threatening Unstable vital functions Within 15 min Ambulance
U2 – Emergent Vital functions in danger or organ damage As soon as possible, within 1 h Home visit by GP or appointment at OHS-PC
U3 – Urgent Possible risk of damage, human reasons A few hours (< 3 h) Home visit by GP or appointment at OHS-PC
U4 – Non-urgent Marginal risk of damage 24 h Appointment at OHS-PC or telephone advice
U5 – Advice No risk of damage Advice, no time related Telephone advice
  1. GP General Practitioner, NTS Netherlands Triage Standard, OHS-PC Out-Of-Hours Services in Primary Care