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Table 3 Prescribing performance according to disease specific antibiotic prescribing quality indicators in Europe

From: Treatment of urinary tract infections in Swiss primary care: quality and determinants of antibiotic prescribing

Reference No (according to 13) Title Acceptable Range (%) N (%)
3a. Percentage of female patients older than 18 years with cystitis / other urinary infection (ICPC-2-R: U71) prescribed antibacterials for systemic use: ATC: J01 80–100 1122 (92.7%)
(ref pop. n = 1210)
3b. receiving the recommended antibacterials: ATC: J01XE or J01EA or J01XX 80–100 950 (84.7%)
(ref pop. n = 1122)
3c. receiving fluoroquinolones:
0–5 155 (13.8%)
(ref pop n = 1122)
  1. N number of patients; ref. pop reference population